Notes the easy way.

Welcome to SlabNotes, the easiest way to take, share, organize, and find your notes.

SlabNotes lets you organize your notes into blocks within collections. So let's say you wanted to take some notes on an article you just read. You would create a collection named however you like and within the collection start adding blocks of notes and their source. Simple.

Now when you come back to use those notes it is as simple as finding the collection they are in. No more trying to remember sources or sifting through 1,000 text documents. Simple.

You can also choose to make these collections public or shared. In the near future, the ability to search the site for shared notes will allow you to find collections other users have created. Need to find a collection of Chicken recipes, search for it see if someone has shared it.

SlabNotes isn't only for students, bloggers, or writers. It is for people who want to learn, share, and help other people find reliable and trustworthy notes.

Lastly, this is still in Beta, this means things will change, things will break, things will be added or removed, don't freak. To see where we are and where we are going head over this way